Card Making


Decoupage craft orkneyDecoupage is the art of building up a 3D image using printed Die Cut Decoupage sheets.
These have the image already punched out so they just need to be released from the holding paper and then layered using foam pads in-between to give depth to the image. This is a quick and easy technique suitable for all ages.

Sissix Die Cutting

Sizzix Die CuttingAt Craftship Enterprise we have over 200 dies with which to cut out and create your own special picture to use on a greeting card or to put into a frame.

Die-cutting is like using a pastry cutter.
A hand-operated, die-cutting machine uses steel rule die shapes to cut through a wide range of materials quickly and easily.


Form a line craft

The patterns above are the design copyright of Form-A-Lines.

This is where a pattern is pricked out onto a blank card and then embroidered. Some really stunning effects can be achieved by using threads in a variety of colours and textures. We have a wide variety of   designs.  You can also use a Spirograph (the wonderful toy from the 70s) to draw your design and then embroider. I happen to have two in my cupboard!


Spirelli craft Orkney

Spirelli are many pointed shapes which can be cut using punches.
Alternatively, you can draw a circle on card then cut it out using decorative scissors. These are then wound with different colour threads to make beautiful toppers for greeting cards or for shapes in picture making.


Kreaxions 4 in 1 punches

Kreaxions craft OrkneyThese are my favourite punches and make the most beautiful cards. They are available for purchase in Craftship Enterprise and on this website.

Traditional Iris Folding

Iris Folding ideasThe technique originated in Holland and it is called iris folding because the center of the design resembles the iris of a camera or eye. Folded strips of coloured or patterned paper are layered in a spiral pattern behind an aperture.






A pretty jar


This is more advanced iris folding, as you can see it no longer has the central iris. It is possible to take any shape and convert it to an iris folding pattern with a bit of practice.  So endless possibilities to make that special customised card.