Using Kreaxion Punches and Cutter

Kreaxions 4 in 1 punches

All punches come with 3 inserts (except for punch 907 which only has B & C inserts). The inserts are color coded and have small letters on them.

Take two of the same colour insert, C, for example, and put them into the punch. This will give you a corner punch.

The B inserts give you a different corner.

The A inserts give you a border. Using the punch without any inserts gives you another border.

To punch a border using insert A, find the center of your paper and punch with the center of the punch lined up with the center of the paper. Then line up the edge of the punch with the center of the design you just punched and punch again. Repeat on both sides of the original punch and you’ll have a border.

To create a border without any insert, it’s best to practice on scrap paper so you know how to line up the punch so that the edges meet to create a decorative border. Once you’ve created a sample for yourself start with the punch upside and just slightly off the edge of the paper (as you want the bottom piece of the paper to come off). Then turn the punch right side up and line up the edge of the punch with the appropriate place on the punch you just made. Punch along the edge of the paper and you’ll have an even border. Getting this border just right requires just a bit of practice.

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Kreaxions Circle Cutter Instructions

To cut a circle:

Use the Size Adjustment Knob to set the circle size – loosely tighten the knob (don’t overtighten). Put the circle cutter on the paper so that both the point and the blade are touching the paper, hold the cutter straight up and down.

While holding the cutter with your right hand, gently turn the paper towards you with your left hand. Continue turning until you’ve cut the entire circle.

Cutting Photos:

If you are cutting photos or want to use the ‘inside’ of the circle you are cutting, use the small white disk (found in the compartment on cutter). Place it on the center of the area you want to cut, set the point of the circle cutter on the disk and cut your circle as described above.

Protective Cover – covers point and blade for storage, compartment holds extra blades and a small white disk